Fuck a Duck and See What Hatches

by Supreme Overlords

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"Fuck a Duck and See What Hatches" is Supreme Overlord's attempt to transcend music as the world knows it. This sloppy debut record shines the light of conservative reality through the spectrum that is the mind of Zan Crowe and Cloud to spill the muddy, disgusting truth of what we know life to be. This masterstroke of an album was conceived by two apathetic yet profound prodigies in the hazy basement of Grand Frère Studios. They wish to change the way that the public views not only music, but the world.


released September 21, 2012

The Band:
Zan Crowe murdering on the Drums and Vocals
Cloud on vocals, guitar, synthesizer and other utter nonsense

Recorded at Grand Frère Studios
Album artwork by Some Guy
Mastering by Supreme Overlords
Mixing by Supreme Overlords
Zan Crowe: All tracks except 1 and 10
Cloud: All tracks except 4 and 9
Pot smoking by everyone

En attente de quelque chose, ou rien du tout...



all rights reserved


Supreme Overlords plymouth, Massachusetts

A couple of procrastinating losers who make heinous music in a fantastic, magical basement.

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Track Name: Sudden From Nowhere
Oh fuck the shit went down
We jammed the fucking shit to town
Lick your balls bitch 'cause you can't behold
The bounty of the future untold

Sudden from nowhere
Sudden from nowhere

Back in the day we were blubbery squabs
Later we weren't worth shit, we weren't worth a flab
But then we saw the spark, and my mom went "fuck"
And we made a grab for the music that we made in our lab

Freshman year bitch!

Sudden from nowhere
Sudden from nowhere
Track Name: Bob
Hello my name is bob and I have a job and I work under a log. Bob. Has a job. Bob. I have a job. Bob.
Track Name: Doopy
(now i am nothing)
Track Name: Blood
Well the timest time has come
The better things I've done
And the blood be-a-spillin'
Filling all the land with all that's gone
We can't escape because we must hold on
To our size, to our skin
So say gods, so say gods
So say gods
Lies boy, lies
Lies boy, lies
Do we know his name? No
Do we know his game? No
We just chose another man
To lead us in this chaotic land
So say gods, but he doesn't exist
Well the blood be-a-spillin'
Blood, mud, done
Track Name: Collapser
I'm on the road
Everyone knows that I'm not coming home
I know my life
It's fucked from the beginning
My footprint
Following my life which has gone to shit
I take myself away

And then I told myself
You don't need them
They don't need you
All they ever did was feed off you

Yours are the brightest by far
My hopes have failed
And dreams have since collapsed
I wish you were
In my arms so I could take your hurt
You disappeared
And lives come crashing down

And then I told myself
You don't need them
They don't need you
All they every did was feed off you
Winding down
Helping through
I need someone in my arms just like you